Tacky Holidays to you &s yours! A totally awkward holiday card contest.

Drum roll please

And the winner…

…Apparently a person who would like to remain anonymous. No matter; it’s the card we’re all interested in anyway, and it’s this tasty little treat, which racked up a whopping 10,489 votes. That makes for a lot of elves with tired clicking fingers.

Winning Card

Oh, and, no comment on the existence of the Big Guy. We don’t want to get coal in our stockings next year.

Our winner has chosen the non-profit Straight But Not Narrow as the recipient of the $1,000 donation — a worthy cause indeed! We feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Or is the heat just up too high?

Check out our favs!

Check out some of our favorite cards from the contest.

Man, people are weird. In the best way possible.


We’d like to thank everyone who came to merryborshoff.com and played holiday card designer, whether your card was good, wonderfully bad, or perfectly ugly. We hope our little bit of tacky fun added to an already great holiday season for you and yours.

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